October 20, 2020





  • Client event ideas
  • Social media plans around open houses and new listings
  • Budgeting for 2021
  • Setting standards
  • Holding agents accountable

Chat Log:
14:33:03 From Sarah VanWingen : I have not done these events, but another team in our office has done a few interesting things including clothing or toy drives, dumpster day where they rent one for clients to bring their stuff and drop in (in agent’s driveway)
14:45:22 From Amy : You need another app to do that, I think it’s called regram
15:03:53 From Elizabeth Gilbert :
15:04:23 From Elizabeth Gilbert : Ben Kinney’s Resentment Circle model
15:30:03 From Taylor Beaty – EA : I appreciate you all!


Open House Playbook
Pie Playbook
The Promise